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Andy Emerine

Add a temporary pre message to auto attendant greeting?

Is there a way to do this? This is my senario. I work for a school system we would like a way for a user to call the system and add a pre message to the district main greeting without messing with the main greeting. For instance "Today is November 5th. We are currently on a 2hr delay." Then the regular message would proceed to continue. It would also be nice if the user could set the message up to expire at a specific date/time and then would not play until needed. 

The other option that we already know how to do would be to create a mailbox for "delay and cancellations" and re-record the main greeting to include this option. 

Cisco Unity Connection version:    

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You would need to change the routing to provide another greeting in a separate CH, then send it to your regular greeting. That, or just re-record the greeting as required.

But the first option requires you to change the routing to hit the optional greeting in first place.



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If I were to change the routing to hit the optional greeting first what would happen if we recorded nothing for the standard greeting? Would it skip past the optional message pretty quick and go right into the main menu? We only need the pre-message a few days per yr, but I don't want a long pause when the message isn't needed (empty recording). 

Yep, that should work with no noticeable delay.  


Call Hits call handler A, message is blank - post greeting transfer to Call Handler B.  Record a message on Handler A and you'll have your pre-message.



I created a new system call handler today called Pre-MainGreeting and recorded a message for the alternate greeting, enabled it and set it to expire later on today and recorded a message for the standard greeting. After each standard and alternate greeting is set to go directly to the main greeting CH. I set the opening greeting Direct Routing Rule to send the caller directly to the Pre-MainGreeting CH. When I call the school I still get the main greeting. When I call the Pre-MainGreeting extension internally I get a "Your call cannot be completed as dialed..." message. 

Did you assign a CTI Route Point for the new Pre Main greeting Extension in CUCM and forward all to VM?


If there is an extension assigned to the main greeting CH I would just remove it and assign in to the pre main greeting CH. 

Once the call is in Unity, it won't need an extension to get from Pre to Main.

I just created a new directory number in CUCM and set it to the new CH number for the Pre-MainGreeting.  I checked "Forward All" for the Directory Number Configuration. Is this the CTI Route Point? I also added the new extension as a member to our main line group.  Now when I call the school I still get the same old greeting first. When I call the extension for the Pre-MainGreeting I now get Cisco's voice message: "Sorry, Pre-MainGreeting is not available. Then it goes onto the Main Greeting". 

I think the main greeting CH will still need an extension. The secretary calls into Cisco Unity Connection Greeting Administrator regularly to set an alternate greeting when needed. 


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