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Curtis Nelson

Add the 9 to incoming calling number

I am trying to add a 9 to incoming calling numbers so that users in a call center (approx 20 phones) can easily contact missed calls. However, I do not want to add the 9 to all incoming calls, because then the number wouldn't match up with Jabber users phone books on their cell phones. I thought this could easily be accomplished by putting the call center phones in their own device pool and then use the national, international, unknown, and subscriber prefix section. This did not work. I debugged an incoming call and they are marked properly as national and isdn. So, I tried plan B and created a translation pattern for the device pool that was isolated in it's own partition and CSS. I applied the CSS to the Mobility Related Information Calling Party Transformation CSS. This showed the call coming in the way that I wanted with the prefix in place, but did not save it in the call log with the 9 prefix, so you still can't just dial back. 

Oleg Serstjuk

without testing, nearly sure you need to set this under device, Calling Party Transformation CSS.

This way will allow you to only set it to your group of 20 phones

and I think you will need to un-check use device pools Calling Party Transformation CSS just below CPT CSS

After many hours of lab time, and a Cisco Tac case we have determined that this particular case it is not possible. The only place this can be done without messing up the call routing is on the gateway. Thanks for your input Oleg! 


We accomplish what you are trying to do by setting up a "translate" partition that is used to translate the "Calling Party Transformation Mask" field (+1XXXXXXXXXX). This translation pattern is only set to specific phone DNs that we want to have the +1 added to the incoming calling number field.

These DNs that match the translation pattern now have the calling number show up as +1XXXXXXXXX on their phones. 

These phones use a 'special' CSS and Partition for outbound calls that translates the +1XXXXXXXXXX to 9XXXXXXXXXXX.  To do this these outbound calls hit another translation pattern that matches the pattern \+.XXXXXXXXXXX and in the "Called Party Transformation Mask" field has 9XXXXXXXXXXX.  This translation pattern essentially takes the +1 we added to the inbound call, and uses the +, and is replaced by a 9 to be used as the "trunk access code"

using this method you can control exactly which DNs use these special partitions and CSSs.  Nothing is done on the gateway level. 

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