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AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

I'm running a 2821 CME with CUE. Last night Unity started bouncing. I logged in got the "Session status is not available" Message.

When I log into "service-module service-Engine 0/1 session"

I can see the boot process which includes the error: (cat: write error: No space left on device)


EXCEPTION: /sw/info/ps: -5: event handler is dead


My favorite was this one right before it tries to restart itself:

It looks like things are stuck, rebooting ...

Is there a semi painless method to create some space & get this back online?


Re: AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

wthat type the AIM-CUE have your router?


Re: AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

It's the chip, maybe 256MB.....


Re: AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

this module haved a bug then cisco change this module for module with 1Gb the memory.

contact you support local


Re: AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

i have the same problem, only I have a 1GB flash card. Any ideas on how to free space? other than reformating?

Cisco Employee

Re: AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

What's the software version (sh software version)? Once the space is all used up, the only thing to do is to run the cleanup utility from the boot helper image (the software you can TFTP to the CUE and in older versions was the only way to load software). That will erase the logs and try to compact some stuff to free up enough space to at least boot. If it can, first thing to do is to make a backup--if you haven't one. Once that's done, get the version. Some of the older versions had various defects where it would fill up when it's not supposed to. In fact, it should really never fill up the flash drive. That's why everything on the card (voicemail space and such) is all carved up when a user account is created, and other things like trace files all have known maximum sizes. So chances are a newer software version would help; but we'd need to know what you're running to even guess. A lot of these issues are documented in the release notes of the software, btw.


Re: AIM CUE Session won't load "No Space Left On Device"

Yeah, I actually found that disk cleaner and tried it. I let it run for 1/2 hour and figuring the system was hung, did a cold reboot of the router. Eventually it came back up along with voicemail, but logging into the service module crashes the whole router. I think it is pretty old software - when I do a "ser ser 0/0 stat" It says it is Unity Express module 2.1. And there is a disk full bug not related to the 256 MB flash drive bug for 2.1.1. So I'll try backing up and upgrading. Maybe I just need to let the aim module run a bit longer before logging into it.

If I can't get in, is there a way to format the flash drive such that I can do a completely clean reinstall?

Interestingly, I did grab this debug from the router as it crashes when I try to log into the service module:


o up mon

May 30 03:28:01.9

) Last=InitializedPDOWN: Controller

May 30 03:29:31.755: %IPPHONE-6-REGISTER: ephone-6:SEP0015F9C73E09 IP:192.168.20

down (LOF detected)9 So

Self decompress

May 30 03:28:

0.25 Socket:23 DeviceType:Phone has registered.0, changed state to9:42.783: %IPPHONE-6-REG_ALA

May 30 03:30:05.791: %IPPHONE-6-

May 30 03:30:32.663: %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (2004)msecs, more than ( state toREQ TYPEBy using this p

00.43 Socket:8 DeviceType:Phone

2000)msecs (3/2),process = Check heaps.ay 30 03:28:19.135: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Int

-Traceback= 0x4026BCB0 0x412FA220 0x412FB3B8 0x412FAD2C 0x400B56A8 0x400B4958 0x


May 30 03:28:23.943: %DHCPD-4-PIN

400B695C 0x400B6BF4ress conflict: ser

May 30 03:30:34.667: %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (4004)msecs, more than (board U

ed may be found

May 30 03:28:25.443: %DHCPD-4-PING_

2000)msecs (4/2),process = Check heaps. %IPPHONE-6-REG_AL

48237654,412936EC 48237654,30000018 48272B2C,423EFAB0 48272B2C,40000066ISTER: ephone-5:SEP0016463E63F2 IP:192.168.20e at FAR sec. 52.227-19 and

4823851C,412936EC 4823851C,3000001E 4826D428,423EFAB0 4826D428,40000066eType:Phone has registered.nical Data and Computer9:48.447: %IPPHONE-6-R

May 30 03:30:35.883: %SYS-6-BLKINFO: Previous pointer on first free block is not0

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