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alerting at second page of 7916 expansion module busy lamp field


i configured a 7975 with one 24-button 7916 expansion module.

at the first page of the module i configured a busy lamp field speed dial with pickup functionality and at the second page another one.

Now, if the phone called, that was associated with the BLF SD at the first page at the 7916 module and the first page of the module is open (page 1 led is green) the I see the alerting at the BLF SD.

But if I change to page 2  of the 7916 (page 2 LED is green, LED 1 is off), I think the page 1 LED must be change to red or something, but it is off.

So the user can't see if somebody calls somebody other, who is configured as BLF SD at a 7916 page and this page is not active. What is to configure at CUCM?

Version of CUCM: 7.1.3


Let me see if I understand your question/scenario....

  • Scenario
    • You have a 7916 Expansion module with BLF-SDs with Pickup configured on each of the two pages.
  • Questions
    • If someone calls the BLF-SD on Page One while I am viewing Page two what is the behavior?
    • Should the Page lights be off for a page that has BLF-SDs if I am viewing a different page?

When there is not a call coming in on one of your BLF-SD/Pickup lines and you are only viewing your speed dials then the button light for the active page will be green and the button light for the inactive page will be off.  If, while viewing page 2, a call came in on one of your BLF-SD/Pickup lines on Page 1 then the Page 1 button light would flash yellow to alert you.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have further questions.

Please rate if this helps...and mark if answered.  Thanks!

Scenario is ok.


1. The behaviour is, that if someone calls BLF-SD at page one while i'm viewing page two, I see no flashing yellow alert at the page one button light, like you described later. The light is still off, so that I can't see the incoming call.

2. The page light for active pages is green and the other is off.

What should I do that the page light of the inactive page flash yellow, if a call for BLF-SD of this page comes in?


  1. For you to see the flashing yellow line light the BLF-SD line and the line on the phone with the 7916 Expansion module must be in the same pickup group.  Do you have your system configured this way?
  2. That is the proper behavior.  Active page, green, inactive page, blank.

1. all phones are in the same pickup group. the pickup group is configured with audio and visual alerting after 2 seconds.

2. this is right, but in my case i would expect, that the page button light of the inactive page flashing yellow, if a call is incoming for a BLF-SD configured at this page. But it doesn't, it's still off. If I switch to this page, then the alerting of the incoming call shows the normal behaviour.


Please Verify that under System > enterprise Parameters that "BLF for Call Lists" is enabled (disabled by default).  You will have to restart all phones.

You may also want to go under System > Service Parameters > Callmanager and set "BLF status depicts DND" to True as a good measure.

Let me know...


I try your suggestions. Nothing changes.

Meanwhile I found following. I connect the 7916 to 7962 phone. There it works fine.

Then I connect a 7915 module to the 7975 phone. There it works not too.

So I think the 7975 phone and the 7916 cant work together?

The blf at the 7975 itself works fine: flash yellow when call is incoming. But not at the module.

So I go and look at the firmware loads at the phones. The 7962 has an 8.5.2 and there the module works. The 7975 has an 8.5.3 and there it works not. So i downgraded the 7975 to 8.5.2 and NOW it works!

thanks for all

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