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Allow users to delete recorded greeting and use the system default recording


We have a somewhat usual request from management. Up until now everyone has been required to record a uniform greeting as their standard VM greeting. Now, they want everyone to start using the system default greeting instead of the standard greeting they have recorded. This goes across Cisco Unity version 11.5.1 and CUE version 8.6.7 as we have both (CUE in remote offices). I tried going through the VM menus and while I can rerecord the standard greeting, there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the system to use the system default greeting. Is there any way users can go in and tell the system to use the system default greeting for the standard greeting instead of the one they recorded? Thanks.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

You as an administrator can do this individually or in bulk by changing user --> Greeting --> Standard Greeting --> check "System Default Greeting".

Or users can do it from ciscopca page.

Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi there,

+5 to my friend Chris for his great thoughts on this.

I would use this excellent tool from the great suite of Unity Tools (use the ** reset" feature **) to delete the greetings/recorded name depending on what management exactly wants to hear (see below) You would want to test this on some individual mailboxes before going all in!

ie:"Sorry extension is not available" or "Sorry Recorded name is not available"

Unity Connection Bulk User Delete   

For resetting users you have the option of emptying the mailbox,  resetting greetings, deleting voice names,  resetting passwords,  removing private lists and a number of other  options you may choose.   For installations where the user base “changes  over” frequently such as  schools this may be a nicer option.  This  option is also allowed for  CoRes installations since it does not involve  the removal of user  objects from the Connection database.

So you'd need to tweak as detailed nicely by Greeshma from Cisco as shown below;

"This is the normal behavior which is the feature of TTS (text to speech).

    1. If Cisco Unity Connection finds that there is a Recorded Name for a CUC user, that is used.

    1. If there is no Recorded Name for a CUC user  and if the Display Name is not empty, the Display Name is run through the TTS engine. If you do not want the Display Name to be played back, you need to delete the Display Name of the user.

      Note: There is also an Enhancement included in CUC  8.0, where you have an option Use Text To Speech to Read Display Names When No Recording Is Available under Advanced Settings > Conversation. You can uncheck this check box to if you want CUC to play the extension number instead of the Display name. This is checked by default with which Cisco Unity Connection uses Text to Speech to play user display names for users who do not have recorded names.

  1. If CUC finds that there is no Recorded Name, No Display Name, it will switch to the Extension Mode where it will read the Extension number."

I'm not sure about CUE, but I'' try and do some research.



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