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Alternate TFTP question

All, Im trying to understand something that I was told by a hosted VoIP provider.  I currently have a older CallManager 4.x and Im going to a Cisco hosted solution.  Ive been concerned that this provider hasnt asked me alot of questions about our current phone system.  When I asked them if they would be able to know our current phone configuration (extensions, etc), they told me that all I would have to do is point my alternate tftp to thier CUCM and it would upload the current 4.x info to the new hosted CUCM.

Now, I do know some things about CUCM, and this was news to me.  While I certainly admit that I dont know everything, I have been under the impression (since I have installed some of these before), that if you want a phone configured, you have to configure it manually or use the bulk import utility.  But, they tell me that they can get the phone extensions via tftp by the phone uploading the config to the CUCM???  Im very confused about this.

So, my question is how can a hosted VoIP provider do this?  How can they get my configuration of phones by tftp'ing the data from the phone to another CUCM from an existing CallManager?  Has anyone done this before?  If so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Avinash Mohod

It is true that if change the tftp of ip phone will get register to new CUCM. In this case all phone are either manually added in new CUCM or auto registration is enabled. In case of auto registration is enabled then there is no generate that phone will get same extension as it was having old CUCM.

You need to check with your service provider if they have add all phones present in your setup in there CUCM or they will be using auto registration. If you want that extension number should not change after migrating to new setup you need tell your service provider add phones manually.

For that you need to export all phone to CSV file using BAT and share this CSV file with servie provider.

So, in other words, there is NO way for them to get the same extensions, etc that the company has UNLESS the hosted VoIP company does the research and manually adds them into the hosted system, correct?

I know this has to be right, as Ive never heard of a phone uploading the extension configuration to a CUCM by using the alternate tftp.


I'm pretty sure there is no way for the phone to upload it's information like that.

Surely the company will ask you to provide a BAT export before the cutover date.

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