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Alex Tsonis

Analog line remains active even after call has ended


I have a scenario where an analog device (sccp controlled and connected to a cisco analog voice gateway) performs a call to an IP phone and when the IP phone terminates the call, the line remains active in the analog device.

Note that all calls are internal and do not go to PSTN.

I have tried to change the voice port timeouts, but with no luck.

Can someone help me? Alternatively, is there a possibilty to set a "timer" that will always drop the call after specific amount of time? E.g. 45 seconds?

Thank you

Sadav Ansari



Check the below link for your reference.


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Hello Sadav, thank you for your reply!

I have checked the mentioned post, but the mentioned commands under the voice-port menu do not exist.

The mentioned VG is VG310 and the IOS is Version 15.7(3)M6

Those  commands are applicable on  FXO Ports not in FXS.



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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

Can you share the VG details, and VG configuration. I have many hotel customer using VG but no where I face such an issue. FXO disconnect issue is common. 



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Hello Nithin and thank you for your reply!

The mentioned VG is VG310 and the IOS is Version 15.7(3)M6.

However, let me clarify a few things that I did not mention in my first post.

The VG in general works fine. The issue concerns specific analog devices that are installed inside elevators for emergency reasons.

In that case, if an elevator is stuck and the emergency button is pressed, a call is made to a plar destination (the operation center).

After the operation center hangs up, the analog device inside the elevator keeps the line active for 2 minutes and then the call is dropped.

So, if the person that is stuck inside the elevator needs to contact again the operation center, he must wait for 2 minutes before making a new call.

Do you have any idea how could I resolve this?

Can you share the vg port configuration 

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The FXS port configuration:

voice-port x/x/x

 cptone GR
 timeouts initial 60
 timeouts interdigit 60
 timeouts ringing infinity
 caller-id enable

Does this happen  only with the  lift phones ? or its common to phones connected to VG ?



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It is only with the lift phones and unfortunately they cannot be replaced

Also, let me note that the lift phones can only call internally (apparently)

This is my configuration from a hotel project where we use VG 320 running

version 15.6. Never reported any disconnect issue . Plar configuration you did it on VG or CUCM ?


voice-port 0/1/20

 timeouts initial 60

 timeouts interdigit 60

 timeouts ringing infinity





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PLAR config is done on CUCM.

I will try your config, as well as removing/modifying the cptone configuration on the VG and inform the thread accordingly.

Thank you very much for your help!

Since you mentioned that this issue happens only with the lift phones, what about the other working VG port configuration ? do they have the same configuration  or different ?



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Yes, they have the exactly same configuration. So, it must be a device issue, not a VG issue.

So, as an alternative solution, I was thinking if I could set a "timer" on the VG port connected to the lift phone to drop any active call after 45 seconds, but I do not know if this is possible.

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