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Analog phone in Cisco gateway


Hi All,

We have a location where there is requirement of 6 digital phones and 3 analog phones. Currently in router they have a data T1.

For digital phone I am planning to go with trunk line from service provider, connect to FXO card, configure plar connection on the voice port, configure normal h323 gw in cucm and other config, route outbound call to FXOGROUP--will this work?

For analog phone should I order direct Telco line from service provider and connect directly to analog phones..

When we have a PRI we generally port the lines over PRI and use FXS card to connect the analog phones

So need clarification how to integrate the lines in to gw in current situation as it does not have a PRI and use FXS card for analog phones.

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michael o'nan

You could do POTS line direct to the telephone or you could buy a FXS card that way you can extension dial between the analog phone and the IP phones.

If I go with FXS card how the number on the analog phone gonna port on this situation.. do those number comes from seperate trunk lines or something?

Can you please explain more on FXS card situation?

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