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Analog Phones & "Device Is Not Trusted"

We upgraded our CUCM from version 6 to 7.1.3 and have come across a number of issues with analog phones and faxes unregistering from call manager and requiring voice-port shut-no shuts to register properly.  We're trying to narrow the problem down and ensured that the sccp identifiers on the MGCP  VG224's and 3845's are now pointed to version 7.0.  However, we're receiving the "Device Is Not Trusted" warning on these gateways in CUCM as well as the analog phones connected to them.  Is there a way of debugging why a gateway is not trusted and would this problem cause analog phones to unregister with CUCM (seeminly at random)?  Perhaps this is a bug that has been fixed in a later version of CUCM?


Re: Analog Phones & "Device Is Not Trusted"

We recently upgraded from CUCM 6.1.5 to 7.1.5 and experienced this same ‘not trusted’ issue.  I found this post and was surprised no one replied to it. 

Here's the deal... In CUCM 7.1.3 there were 'security features' added.

The configured CallManager servers on the router have to match the CallManager’s in the ‘callmanager group’ associated to the ‘device pool’ that the gateway is using.

This 'security feature' impacted our Unity communications, Voice Analog Gateways, and H323 Gateways.  TAC resolved the issue with Unity and from there we used that information to correct our problem on our Voice Analog Gateways(VG224).

The H323 gateways were a different problem and TAC was unable to offer a solution besides upgrade the code (no offense TAC guys you’re the best).  To resolve the issue we converted the gateways from H.323 to MGCP.


I was having the same problem

I was having the same problem even though my VG224's are using MGCP and all my previous version of Call manager was working fine but not on my Version 10.5. What fixed my problem was upgrading to the latest IOS for the VG224. This fix my problem.

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