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analog port busy

David Hunt

Hello friends,

I have an issue I am hoping someone here can assist with regards to an analog elevator line.

We have an old analog elevator line that plugs into 4 port analog gateway in a router at a remote location.

When I dial the number, I get a normal busy signal. When I shut down the port and dial, I receive a fast busy. When I “no shut” the port. The line will ring. If I hang up, dial back, line is busy again. Sometimes, after 3-4 minutes, the line will ring again, other times it will continue to be busy till I do another port reset.

Any thoughts?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

You need to find out how the device want disconnect supervision, and make that setting match under voice-port.

BTW you should have mentioned your voice system version and type, as well for the gateway, and its configuration.

I need to find out how the device want disconnect supervision? can someone please elaborate on what that means?

The device may need for disconnect tone in the right frequency, or power denial. You can use the search function for more information. You did not posted any of the details asked  so it's impossible to say what you have now or help further.

Thank you for your response,

here is some config info,

Excerpt from show run command…

dial-peer voice 101 pots
destination-pattern 4556
port 0/0/2

output from show voice port 0/0/2 command

show voice port 0/0/2

Foreign Exchange Station 0/0/2 Slot is 0, Sub-unit is 0, Port is 2

Type of VoicePort is FXS  VIC-4DID

Operation State is DORMANT

Administrative State is UP

The Last Interface Down Failure Cause is Administrative Shutdown

Description is not set

Noise Regeneration is enabled

Non Linear Processing is enabled

Non Linear Mute is disabled

Non Linear Threshold is -21 dB

Music On Hold Threshold is Set to -38 dBm

In Gain is Set to 0 dB

Out Attenuation is Set to 3 dB

Echo Cancellation is enabled

Echo Cancellation NLP mute is disabled

Echo Cancellation NLP threshold is -21 dB

Echo Cancel Coverage is set to 64 ms

Echo Cancel worst case ERL is set to 6 dB

Playout-delay Mode is set to adaptive

Playout-delay Nominal is set to 60 ms

Playout-delay Maximum is set to 250 ms

Playout-delay Minimum mode is set to default, value 40 ms

Playout-delay Fax is set to 300 ms

Connection Mode is normal

Connection Number is not set

Initial Time Out is set to 10 s

Interdigit Time Out is set to 10 s

Call Disconnect Time Out is set to 60 s

Supervisory Disconnect Time Out is set to 750 ms

Ringing Time Out is set to 180 s

Wait Release Time Out is set to 30 s

Companding Type is u-law

Region Tone is set for US

Analog Info Follows:

Currently processing none

Maintenance Mode Set to None (not in mtc mode)

Number of signaling protocol errors are 0

Impedance is set to 600r Ohm

Station name None, Station number None

Translation profile (Incoming):

Translation profile (Outgoing):

Voice card specific Info Follows:

Signal Type is loopStart

Ring Frequency is 25 Hz

Hook Status is On Hook

Ring Active Status is inactive

Ring Ground Status is inactive

Tip Ground Status is inactive

Digit Duration Timing is set to 100 ms

InterDigit Duration Timing is set to 100 ms

Hookflash-in Timing is set to max=1000 ms, min=150 ms

Hookflash-out Timing is set to 400 ms

No disconnect acknowledge

Ring Cadence is defined by CPTone Selection

Ring Cadence are [20 40] * 100 msec

Ringer Equivalence Number is set to 1

Seems like the port is set at default, power denial disconnect. Perhaps that is not what the device expects. Configuring can be a trial and error process, better done by a telephony expert.

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