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Anonymous Helpline with Hunting






Sorry for the long post, I'm hoping someone can help.


I've been tasked with creating an anonymous helpline for employees to call from inside and outside the business.   They need calls the helpline to ring a group of existing DNs but if these DNs don't answer (i.e. out of hours) then the call should be forwarded to one mobile phone initially then to another if that isn't answered.  So far so good (I thought) so I created the following:


Helpline Hunt Pilot: /+441234567001

Forward Unanswered Calls set to 'external mobile Number of one helper'

other settings tried as explained below.


Helpline Hunt List containing two Line Groups:  Line Group & Line Group 2



Line Group 1: RNA 10 

Algorithm: Broadcast

Options: Try next group in Hunt List

Members:  Bob /+441234561234  /  Bill /+441234561235  /  Barry  /+441234561236


Line Group 2: RNA 10

Algorithm: Bcast

Options: Stop Hunting

Members: Sue /+441234559876  /  Sharon /+441234565432  /  Sam  /+44123455757


The problems for me are:  


1. The calling number must remain anonymous. 

2. Cfwdall on DNs are ignored by Hunt Group/Pilot settings so I can't forward out to mobiles.


For point 1: This worked for both internal DNs and Mobiles calling from outside if I set the 'Calling Line ID Presentation' and 'Calling Name Presentation' on the HP to restricted.  But when the call is passed to external mobile phones it shows as 'Withheld' so cannot be identified as the helpline number.


So I removed the restricted settings and enterned the HP number  +441234567001 as the 'Calling Party Transform Mask' on the Hunt Pilot.  This means that external calls into the helpline present as  +441234567001 (so remain anonymous) but unfortunately internal calls still show their DNs (and names) of the calling party so are not anonymous.


For point 2:  I configured Mobile Connect Remote Destination Profile (cool feature) for a Line Group 2 member so it calls their mobile phone along with DN and presents with the 'transform mask' helpline number on both devices.  If they don't answer then it flows through to the Hunt Pilots 'Forward Unanswered Calls' to a second mobile phone.  This works but isn't ideal as it calls the Mobile Connect RDP along with the DN (after a delay) so I'm not sure this is the right solution.   


My questions are:


A.  Is this the right solution for the helpline or is there an alternative I should be configuring?

B.  Can calls into a 'Helpline' number be made to appear as anonymous/private from both internal DNs and external numbers?


Sorry for the long post!


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Rolando Valenzuela

Good morning!

If the call in internal (555) you can use a translation pattern and just simply change the "Calling Party Transform Mask".

If the call is external (+1 222 333 4444) you can either change that at the gateway with a Translation-Rule or at the CUCM with another translation pattern.


I would probably change the incoming call in the router to 555 and do the rest on CUCM.




If you wan to forward to cellphones, you can uses the forwarding option of the Hunt Pilot to redirect to another Hunt Pilot, or have all the cellphones on a second hunt list, one thing to take into account is that if you are using the "use forward settings of the line" you need to set "Forward No Coverage Internal/External"

Hope this helps.

Rolando A. Valenzuela.


Rising star
Rising star
1) To make it anonymous for Internal Users you need to put the Hunt Number in Seperate Partition and pass it via a Translation Pattern , Where you can set the Caller It to some thing like 7001

2) For Ringing RDP Mobile Phone Instantaneously we can adjust the Timer in RDP i.e Lookf for Timer " Wait for 0.0 Second before ringing Mobile..." will do the trick

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