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Answering Calls Issue

I have a department that consists of 16 operators that answers the same DN. Today the department started experiencing an issue with answering incoming calls. When an incoming call would come in the call will appear on all phones. When an operator tried to answer the call it would continue to ring as if it was not answered. This problem happens sporadically and is not isolated to the same phone, this issue is occurring on different phones. Anyone have an answer or has experienced this issue before?   

Cisco Employee

What is the call-flow , are

What is the call-flow , are these incoming call coming over FXO or PRI?

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These calls are incoming from

These calls are incoming from PSTN over PRI. We have 5X24 channels. I don't see any errors on our Voice Gateway all they way back to our Switch that these phones connect to. It is isolated only to the phones with this particular DN. We have other phones at this location that are not experiencing this issue. There are approximately 16 phones that are configured with this DN. I have set Max Calls to 20 busy to 18. I've rebooted each phone. I can't isolate what the cause is. It just began this afternoon. There was no changes made on CUCM to these phones.

Cisco Employee

is that calls hit the Hunt

is that calls hit the Hunt-group first on CUCM and then to users? Did you tried deleting and re-creating it again HG

Also if issue still persisting do you minding share CUCM traces for this scenario . and also collect the GW logs too

if your GW is MGCP then

debug mgcp packets

debug isdn q931

if your GW is H.323 then

debug h225 asn1

debug isdn q931

debug h245 asn1

debug voice ccapi inout

if your GW is SIP then

debug ccsip message

debug isdn q931

debug voice ccapi inout

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I have attached the real time

I have attached the real time data report for calls to this extension. I'm seeing "(41)Temporary Failure" As the cause of termination.

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