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Anti-Glare Filter

Ok, this is kind of a strange question I think....but, is there any type of anti-glare filter/screen for a Cisco 7970 phone? Placement of the phone is being affected by the overhead flourescent lights and I was asked if there was any type of anti-glare item to put on the phone. I have been asked for these for monitors but never for a phone. Anyone?

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Re: Anti-Glare Filter


Im not sure if there is an anti-glare filter for the 7970 phone. However, have you tried messing with the settings on the phone (contrast, brightness, viewing angle,etc)? I have found that playing with these settings usually eliminates most of the glare.

Hope that helped, if so please rate.


I was just given an 8851 and

I was just given an 8851 and totally agree, the glare is not only annoying but causes ocular migraines (where my vision gets lines in it due to the overload).   The overhead fluorescent light shines right off of the phone.   With the 8851 there is no way to adjust the base angle either - Cisco was trying to save money on the unit by removing that feature.  Adjusting the angle would fix it but aside from finding something to try to prop it up with - and the resulting unstableness of that causing it to tip over frequently - I haven't found a good solution.   Normal stick on screen protectors don't do anything for it since the cover is actually over another screen that is reflective also.

Whatever engineer did the design on the 8851 needs to go back to school and learn to design a phone that isn't a step backwards.  

Cisco, I would give you a D- on this design. 





We just started deploying

We just started deploying 8841 and 8851 phones and were told they aren't adjustable by the installers but the specifications for these phones say they are. I found the angle so annoying for the glare and knocking the handset off the phone that I did some experimenting.

The attachment of the base to the phone is actually a hinge.  If you put your thumb on the connection point and firmly pull the bottom of the stand back, it's stiff but it does move so the phone can be at a better angle.  It still reflects like crazy, though.

There's also a rubber piece that can flip in the earpiece area of the phone to hold the handset in place if you hang the phone on a wall. I flipped mine on my desk phone anyway just to make the handset more stable.

We have users wanting anti-glare filters. We aren't even live yet and people are complaining.  I hope someone knows where we can get them.


Re: We just started deploying