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Any recommendation for call accounting and billing software for CM & CME

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Dear all,l

Any recommendation for a central call accounting and billing software for a CM (8.6) & CME environment  (9.X) , currently 4 sites, with potential growing up to 20 sites ?     

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We use for our Cisco call accounting. It supports the Cisco Call Manager platform (as well as other brands) and you can handle multiple sites. You can create users with varying levels of access and then run reports on an extension level or a branch/site level. You can also group extensions into departments and run reports at that level too.


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We do a call logger that can support unlimited sites. We always recommend you download the free trial and have a play to see if it suits your needs.

It has AXL sync and we provide free help configuring and setting up so fairly straightforward.

Gordon Ross
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I can recommend

They really understand CUCM, rather than just paying lip service to CUCM support.


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We are Cisco Developer Solution Partner

Please have a look on

Kind Regards

Mohamed Abdallah

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if you are searching for a call accounting solutions, have a look at our Billing product.

Mida Billing is our solution for Enterprise billing systems in VoIP networks. It’s based on a modular and open architecture, providing a fully featured and flexible set of documentation, both for single entities and for multi site/multi organizations companies (multiple clusters of IP-PBX).

See details here.

Mida Billing   is a module of eFramework, a linux based virtual appliance distributed as preinstalled OVA; the suite can be placed in co-residency with CUCM on BE6000 or UCS or any vmware platform and the vApp requirements are by far lower than any windows server machine.

Mida Solution is a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer and the eFramework suite offers a large set of applications on the same virtual appliance, including queue manager, billing, fax server, recorder, directory xml service, etc.

Feel free to contact us at for further info or for try for free our applications.


Federica Docali