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Anyone have Local Route Group Call Forwarding issues?

Tommer Catlin
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VIP Alumni

There seems to be an issue with Call Forwarding issue with Local Route Groups.  IE.... if I forward my phone to 95551212  and someone calls from another cisco site internally, it defaults to the remote devices Local Route Group with 95551212.  If we do not use LRGs, it will go out my gateway. 

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I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone that pulls this thread in the future, but just in case, I'll share our experience with this - I don't know if it's directly related.

Our call forwarding to external numbers stopped working when an external number called the DN. Apparently when the external number was being sent to the PSTN, rather than the known DN, the provider was rejecting it because it was seen as an unknown number making a call from our network. Why did it work fine 2 weeks ago and all the sudden stop working? I have no idea.

The solution that the CIsco person is implementing is a transifiguration pattern so that all outgoing calls on forwarded phones will register with teh PSTN with a known number. I don't know how he plans to do this and avoid them all showing their unique DNs. But at this point that is the plan.

That’s an easy one… PSTN providers are updating their softswitches on the backend… which typically involved blocking all DIDs that do not belong to your circuit. So if you try to send out a caller ID that is not in your block, the call gets rejected. The Transformation Pattern is triggered to overwrite the External Caller ID and then send out to the call forward destination.

how should the transfigurtion pattern be programmed in this case? As a workaround he has it programmed to send out our main office phone number, but this is not ideal.. Ideallly I'd like the originating calller's number to come through, or at least the unique DN that is being forwarded so they know where the call is coming from.

I'm wondering if this is effecting our single reach users too..


"Ask and ye shall receive"

+5  to all here for this very interesting thread!

It makes me glad we run a single site!



In version 11.5 you should go in CUCM-->System-->Service Parameters--> Service "Call Manager"-->Local route group for redirected calls -->"Local route group of last redirecting party"