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API for Cisco Unified Communication Manager


we are trying to download the APIs for CUCM, however we are not able to do that, when I click on the link, it prompts "page not available".

Please assist.


Navinder Singh

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

That link seems quite old, most likely all that has been moved over to DevNet, have you tried there?



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Thanks Jaime,

I tried in Devnet as well, however, did not find the exact location to download the APIs for CUCM.

Although, I have downloaded from CUCM Plugins.


Navinder Singh

What are you looking to do with the API?

you can select "Collaboration" technology from here for all of them:

Here is direct link to CUCM AXL admin API, as this is the most frequently requested one:


I would like to send CDRto powerBi where we can filter a report for specific hint pilot in daily basis. Is that possible? Please advise!!

CDR data can be sent to an SFTP server without any API, from there you can do whatever you want with the text file by developing a tool to parse through it and posting to your powerBi.

Thanks for this response. I am sending  CDR data manually at each time. Is there anyway we can automatically send CDR in daily basis? Can you share if it is possible? Many thanks!

Yes it’s possible. You do the setup for this under serviceability page in CUCM.

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Do you mean Sending CDR to billing server?
Can you help to understand clearly?

Have a look at this document.

Under configuration, item 4 it covers the setup of how to send CDR to a SFTP server. Once you get the files there you can do whatever with the data.


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Hi @chris, we are looking to get the status of the Backup in CUCM. Could you please share the API we need to use for the same?

Advice you to post your question in your own post as this it off topic to the OP question. AFAIK there is no API for that, you'd need to look at the logs created in the backup directory on the SFTP server to see the status of the backup. You can write a script that parses the logs and search for the result.

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