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ASA 8.4(1) and CUCM 8.5(1) phone proxy slow dialing ?

Erick Bergquist
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Frequent Contributor


Recently upgraded call manager from version 6.x to 8.5.1 and phone proxy worked fine before but on new version, the phones work but dialing is delayed and entering voice mail passwords is delayed. So seems signally related items are delayed, the rtp audio stream is fine however once call is established.

Here is some info and snippets from the config, anyone seen this?

ASA version 8.4(1)

CUCM version
7941 phones - firmware SCCP41.9-1-1SR1S - cucm pub - cucm sub

tftp running on both servers

12.x.x.108 - PUBLIC IP NAT for CUCM PUB
12.x.x.12 -- ASA outside IP

object network obj-
nat (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) static 12.x.x.108

nat (OUTSIDE,INSIDE) source dynamic any interface destination static obj-12.x.x.108 obj-

media-termination MTA
address 12.x.x.109 interface OUTSIDE
address interface INSIDE

phone-proxy asdm_phone-proxy
media-termination MTA
tftp-server address interface INSIDE
tls-proxy TLSProxy
ctl-file myctl
no disable service-settings
proxy-server address interface INSIDE


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Currently, ASA phone Proxy feature is not supported with CUCM 8.5. I guess that on this scenario your option would be to use the Phone VPN feature on the ASA.

Supported Cisco UCM and IP Phones for the Phone Proxy

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

The following release of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager are supported with the phone proxy:

•Cisco Unified CallManager Version 4.x

•Cisco Unified CallManager Version 5.0

•Cisco Unified CallManager Version 5.1

•Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1

•Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0

Here is the Support Forums Documentation for the IP Phone SSL VPN using AnyConnect.

Hope this information helps.


--Armando Rojas

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