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ASCII Alerting Name not displaying on all phones

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Hello all,


I created a CTI Route point pointing to a Call Handler and which then transfers the calls to a Hunt Pilot and then to a group list. Currently on the Hunt list only two phones are assigned to it one being a 8811 and 7960 both using the most recent firmware. The issue that I am having is that the 8811 is showing the alerting name on the display, and the 7960 is showing the the callers number instead of the assigned alerting name. Could it be that the 7960 does not supports the feature, any ideas?

Call manager version 12.


Thank you in advance .

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VIP Alumni
If you make direct call to 7960 is it showing the Alerting Name ?

No, the 7960 is only showing the callers number instead of the alerting name. Thanks

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Hello Jon


I recall this note from a while ago:

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960G
NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.


I recall being disappointed that there were no new firmware loads for 7960 when upgrading to CUCM 8.6.  The best solution might be to get the customer to upgrade the ip phone.  I recall from a bootcamp that 7940s/7960s were not recommended for a lab because they were not able to display some of the calling party transformations we were studying.   


Just throwing a dart: Did you try placing the identical value in Alerting name as in ASCII Alerting Name?  I routinely do that as SOP.  You probably do too.