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ATA 186 and Long Distance Codes

A few weeks ago we migrated from MGCP controlled CMMs to SIP controlled 3925's.  The call flow goes Analog -> ATA -> CUCM 6.1.5 -> SIP 3925 -> PSTN (PRI).

Whenever we dial long distance, the call goes through a Centrex PRI and we're prompted with 3 beeps, then a secondary dial tone for us to enter our 5 digit LD codes.  These are not FAC's from CUCM. 

The issue is that some analog devices, whether it be an analog phone or fax machine, won't get past the 3 beeps.  After hearing the 3 beeps, you can enter in the LD code, but it will not break the secondary dial tone and the line will eventually get an error message leading me to believe that the digits are not making it to the PSTN.  This is very intermittent as well.  Sometimes the codes will go through, then a few minutes, an hour, a day later, the codes will not go through.  Resetting the ATA seems to solve it temporarily, but the issue will come back eventually.  The ATA's audiomode is configured for modem pass-through (0x00150015).  We also have no issues with our VG224's.

Attached is a running config of the outgoing gateway.  Any tips would are appreciated! I've gone around and around with TAC to no avail.

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