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ATA 190 attached phone cannot place calls only receive them

We have a VG224 router that is handling the remaining analog lines we have in our organization, we purchased ATA 190 devices in an attempt to convert the remaining lines and thus we would be able to permanently decommission the VG224.

We have one device that will not pass dialed digits in order to place a call. The phone is able to receive calls just not place them.

If we plug any other phone into the ATA 190 it can dial out, also if we put the troublesome phone back into the VG224 it is able to once again able to dial out.

I am assuming that this is a DTMF issue.....

The analog phone is being driven by an Nexia TC analog controller. The touch tone is set to 80ms, does anyone know what the minimum the ATA 190 can detect? I'd rather not experiment with the Nexia system if I don't have to but we can possibly set that value higher if that is the issue.

Wilson Samuel
Rising star

Just curious, if the DNs are indeed shared lines on the ATA and VG224?

Secondly, ,may be a firmware upgrade on the ATA resolve the issue?


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No sir... I removed the DN from the VG224 and the ATA 190 is the latest firmware.

I wished it were that easy... :)

Ah ok.

Just wondering if the correct Locale is set for the ATA? At times that may make a difference when it comes to Touch Tones and Cadences

Could you please provide a bit more information about the Analog controller Nexia, what is it being used for and what is the locale set on that device as well


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