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ATA 190/Hunt List issue post CUCM Upgrade.

Level 3
Level 3

Hi Guys,

Seems an odd and peculiar issue where we just upgraded for CUCM 8.X to 11.X  and now ATA 190 devices wont ring via internal calls to Hunt Pilot.

External calls ring all members of the line group including ATA 190 devices but internal calls to the exact Hunt Pilot will call all devices BUT the ATA 190's....

Works fine for all ATA 186's but not 190's. Upgrade of CUCM was via data migration.

have tried all the usual things (logged into hunt groups, factory resets etc...)

Only effect internally when calling via the hunt group - direct calls work fine.

Anyone heard of anything of the like?

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Have you ever found the fix for this issue?

I am running CUCM 11.5 and having exactly the same issue.

When placing an internal call for Hunt Group it doesn't work, but it works fine on external calls e direct calls to the ATA.

Just a wild guess, on the trunk from the voice gateway do you have redirect CSS defined, but not on the phones or ATA and they are SIP phones? If so try to set a redirect CSS on the phones and ATA that sees the hunt pilot and all directory numbers in the line group.

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Yes, they are SIP Phones.

The CSSs and partitions are okay. If I call directly do the ATA, the cal works. ATA DN e Hunt Pilot are on the Partition

So you have redirect CSS set on the phones and the ATA? Call directly does not relate to the redirect CSS, that would be the device and/or line CSS that is used for that.

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