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ATA 192 in Bridge mode does not pass through DHCP Responses after startup

Good Day,

 We are trying to troubleshoot a weird issue with an ATA-192 in Bridge Mode. Software version 11-1-0MSR3-9.


We have the unit with WAN (Network) port connected to switch and a computer connected to LAN (Ethernet) port.


Computer should be on the untagged VLAN sent by switch. The ATA uses the Tagged Voice VLAN 301 and is set automatically by LLDP (if we change it to manual problem still occurs).


If the computer is connected to ATA-192 when the ATA is powered on, it receives a DHCP address from our server on the correct untagged VLAN.


If we unplug the computer from ATA and plug it back in when ATA is already on or release and renew the IP it does not receive an IP address from DHCP server and only has a 169.254 Autoconfig address. Only way for it to receive a DHCP address from our server is to reboot the ATA.


Performing a packet trace, it shows the computer sending out DHCP Discover packets and receiving no replies. We are also seeing traffic for Voice VLAN IPs on computer side. Tracing on switch side shows the DHCP server sending an Offer but it is not received by the computer through the ATA.


Tracing when computer is connected, and ATA reboots shows DHCP server sending DHCP Offer to the computers Discover request and receiving an IP. Until DHCP address expires we are then able to use the computer correctly on the untagged VLAN, but it stops working when the lease time expires, or computer disconnects and reconnects.



Any suggestions on what could be causing DHCP responses to be blocked after the ATA has started up?



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