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ATA186 recording feature supported or not?


I have some experience with the Active Recording feature managed by the CUCM and the built-in-bridge capability of the new phones (79X1, 79X2, 79X5, 89XX, 99XX...). It's when the CUCM setup a SIP session between the recorded phone and a compatible voip recorder (ASC, Nice, Witness Verint...), by sending duplicated RTP streams.

Recently, after upgrading some CUCM to the version 8.6(2a), I discovered that the feature report of this version lists the ATA186 as supported device for Recording: Cisco Unified Reporting > System Reports > Unified CM Phone Feature List

Here is the list:

Cisco 6911    SCCP        

Cisco 6921    SCCP        

Cisco 6941    SCCP        

Cisco 6945    SCCP        

Cisco 6961    SCCP        

Cisco 7906    SCCP        

Cisco 7910    SCCP        

Cisco 7911    SCCP        

Cisco 7921    SCCP        

Cisco 7925    SCCP        

Cisco 7926    SCCP        

Cisco 7931    SCCP        

Cisco 7937    SCCP        

Cisco 7941    SCCP        

Cisco 7941G-GE    SCCP        

Cisco 7942    SCCP        

Cisco 7945    SCCP        

Cisco 7961    SCCP        

Cisco 7961G-GE    SCCP        

Cisco 7962    SCCP        

Cisco 7965    SCCP        

Cisco 7970    SCCP        

Cisco 7971    SCCP        

Cisco 7975    SCCP        

Cisco 8941    SCCP        

Cisco 8945    SCCP        

Cisco ATA 186    SCCP        

Cisco IP Communicator    SCCP        

Cisco VGC Phone    SCCP        

Cisco 6911    SIP        

Cisco 6921    SIP        

Cisco 6941    SIP        

Cisco 6945    SIP        

Cisco 6961    SIP        

Cisco 7906    SIP        

Cisco 7911    SIP        

Cisco 7931    SIP        

Cisco 7941    SIP        

Cisco 7941G-GE    SIP        

Cisco 7942    SIP        

Cisco 7945    SIP        

Cisco 7961    SIP        

Cisco 7961G-GE    SIP        

Cisco 7962    SIP        

Cisco 7965    SIP        

Cisco 7970    SIP        

Cisco 7971    SIP        

Cisco 7975    SIP        

Cisco 8941    SIP        

Cisco 8945    SIP        

Cisco 8961    SIP        

Cisco 9951    SIP        

Cisco 9971    SIP        

Cisco IP Communicator    SIP    

As you can see, the ATA186 is referenced as supporting the active recording feature. You can indeed select a Recording Option and Recording Profile in the line appearance like we do for the other supported models.

But, after setting this parameter to do active recording, I am disappointed and see that it does not seem to work.

I did not find any official statement to confirm or not the recording capability of the ATA186.

Do you have more information on this? Should it work?

Any roadmap for the support on the ATA187?

Thanks for your help and feedbacks.

Yorick Petey

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