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attempting to rollover to call handler then to same extension voicemail when they input

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I have CUCM and CUC.  I am trying to setup a department where they want the main number to ring on the phone first, then if no one answers or if busy, it rolls over to a call handler to allow the caller to choose which office to leave a voicemail, then if they just pick front desk again, to leave a voicemail using the same extension.

I have the phone setup with 3330.

I have a forwarding rule that says if 3330 is dialed go to call handler.

I have the call handler go through the options 1, 2, 3, and 4 pointing back to..well this is where I am stumped.  I want it to leave a voice mail message to 3330.

But if I create a voicemail box for 3330, callers get directed to that instead of the call handler.  Is there a way to switch it around?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you.

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I believe I figured it out.  I was using the rule for forwarding on unity wrong.  At first I selected dialed and equals, instead it should have been forwarded with incoming and the extension that is called.  In this case it was 3330.  Once I entered this, it started working for me.