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Attendant Console and Parking Calls CUCM 6.0

I'm so close ...

Worked my way through the Cisco documentation and have Attendant console almost operational. The only thing that doesn't work is the display of parked calls.

When a call is handled from the AC and parked, it doesn't seem to show in the Parked Call window. However, if it is retrieved and parked from the deskset, it does show in the window.

I'm aware of the settings needed to allow parked call monitoring, and have checked that.

Anybody have any ideas?

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi David,

Is the Pilot Point Associated/Controlled by the AC User?


I've run into this same problem on CM 6.1. Did you find a resolution to your problem?



I have the same problem with CUCM ver.6.1(2).

I found out this is a Cisco known issue and it isn't supported. You can try creating different park slots and different partitions for your sub and pub.

Thanks for the info.

Tomorrow I 'll try .

I will Know you


test KO. I have configured a different range of call-park number but the problem remains.


I had a similar issue and found that it displays parked calls if you have configured the attendant group with the user account rather than the directory number for the operators phone. If you use the directory number it does not display the parked calls until you have retrieved the call and parked it again.

I have configured in hunting group only the user ac and not the DN of the operators.

Hello all,

One of my customers was having the same issue w/CUCM 6.0...we never were able to come to a resolution.

We are also having an issue with this. Has there been any update / fix? Some calls show up, most do not.

ANy information would be helpful.

We are running into a similar situation where the parked calls are displayed only about 25% of the time, it is very frustrating for the customer. Internal calls seem to always work, calls from external sources are hit or miss (usually miss).

We have tried just about every configuration we could think of in order to facilitate this service for them, and are currently working with TAC to resolve. It doesn't look good though as this case has been open for nearly a month (this time), and we have been working on it for nearly 4 months (with a previous TAC case).

Any suggestions out there?

Anyone have any new information on this situation? We have the same issues, so just checking on any updates and anyone might have.



Hi Devogal !!!

can you share the docs of cisco which you used for configure Attendant console !! bcoz i require that and i have to configure it .... if you can share then it will be very appreciated ...


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