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Attendant Console Failover

I recently updated our CallManager to version 4.1(3) with the latest service release. Since then, the attendant console failover has stopped working. I have the Hunt Group configured to route to:

Operator1 Line 1

Operator2 Line 2

Operator3 Line 3

Extension 7201 (always route member is checked)

The acconfig.bat is configured with queuing enabled checked. The routing algorithm is First Available Hunting. The hold time is set to 90 seconds.

Before the update, if someone was on hold longer than 90 seconds they would automatically get routed to extension 7201. Now our customers sit on hold until an operator signs into the attendant console. Any recommendations would be appreciated, or if anyone has a better suggention for Operator failover I am all ears. Thanks.

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Re: Attendant Console Failover

Hi Thomas,

It certainly sounds like you have covered all the bases here. I spent some time last evening looking for any bugs related to this issue but couldn't find anything specific.

Can you try stopping/starting TCD Service and Callmanager Service. I did notice these recommendations in a number of areas.

I was also wondering what version of CCM did you upgrade from? We may need to look at what has changed between CCM releases.

Hope this helps somewhat!



Re: Attendant Console Failover

Are you talking about a Call Park duration or a Hold duration of 90 seconds? In CCM 4.1(3) there is a Clusterwide Parameter - Hold Reversion defualt reversion timer of 0 (nothing happens when a user is on hold) and a reversion notification timer of 30 seconds (the person that placed the call on hold gets a notification beep on their headset.

During your upgrade, your 90 second reversion timer probably got reset to 0 (the default).

Just a thought that might help.




Re: Attendant Console Failover


Thanks for replying. The acconfig.bat tool has a section for Hold Time. The way this has worked in the past is that if a call is parked for more that 90 seconds, it will revert back to the person whom parked the call. In addition, if a person was trying to get an attendant, but all attendants were busy longer than 90 seconds, they would be routed to an extension whether or not that extension was busy. I used this for failover incase the TCD service failed or our operators forgot to logon to the attendant console client.

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