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Is there a way to make/receive calls for an ext. at another location with Attendant Console? I have a client version of AC on my desktop. Do I have to load another version with the settings of the ext I want to manage or is there a way to change the settings within the client version I have now on my desktop to let me manage the other phone?

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Jaime Valencia
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the AC client you install is version specific for the CUCM version you work with, if you have 4.1(3) and 4.2(3) you would need to install both but i don't believe you can have both at the same time.

that goes all the way to ES and SRs, not the same 4.1(3) and 4.1(3)sr6 or with ESs



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if this helps, please rate

We use CCM 6.0.1. You are right you can not load two versions of the client on your PC.

Is there a way to change the settings to reflect the other extension you want to monitor?

AC picks up the lines which are associated by the user device profile. Say if there is a user with username "XYZ" associated with device "SEP000000ABCD". All the lines associated with the device ABCD will appear on the ac when you login to AC with user XYZ.

If you would like to have lines/device associated with your username.


I have an ext: 4357 and want to launch the AC client on my PC in my office that handles ext: 4357 so I do not have to physically go to ext: 4357 to answer calls. I tried to login with the username and password associated with ext: 4537 on the AC client in my office and it will not let me.

Is this possible and is there something I need to do different?

On the login screen you can change the username and also the password of the device you want to answer calls for. The problem I see is that the AC client loaded on to your PC has the MAC for your phone rather that the MAC for the phone you want to remotely answer calls for so it will not let you connect to that phone thru AC.

Under your username in "End User group" can you try to associate phone which you would like to remotely control.

I went in to the End User Group and associated the phone I want to remotely control, but when you bring up AC that ext does not appear under the line appearances.

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