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Audio issue between two 9971 in WIFI mode



We have two Cisco 9971 phone operate in WIFI. Both phones are running sip9971.9-1-2 firmware.  I can make calls to any wired phones or cell phones without any issues.  However,  calls between the two 9971 phone has no audio.  The 9971 phone would ring but there is no audio when answering the call.

We also tested with 7920 and 7925 wireless phones, same issue.  has anyone experienced the same issue?



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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

When you're testing these calls are the two 9971's associated with the same access point?

Yes they are associated with the same AP..  The phones are 20 feet away from each other.

Are the phones in the same vlan I would assume they are but if not I'd check this thread (  I'm not aware off the top of my head anything config wise on the AP that would block basic switching of RTP packets at that point for the call audio to be switched between phones (layer 2).  Since the phones ring, routing is fine to the CUCM and back to the phone(s) but direct RTP phone to phone on the same AP does not work.

Both 9971 are in the same vlan (same subnet).  There are some wired phones in the same vlan as well.  Audio between the 9971 and wired phones are fine.

Were you able to resolve the issue? I am having a similar problem with 9971 phones as well.


Yes the issue had been resolved.  We have Cisco WLC, P2P blocking action was set to Forward-UpStream.  Changed it to "Disabled" resolved tghe issue.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the reply! I checked our P2P block settings but that does not appear to be the issue here, I will have to look further into the problem. Thanks though!

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