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Audiocodes MP114 SIP registration on CUCM 11

Hello, guys!

I have try to register Audiocodes MP114 devices on CUCM 11. So, I have a problem with this.

I have configure 3rd-party SIP Device(advanced) on CUCM for 1st and 2nd FXS ports on MP114.

Each phone have correct Digest User, line and Device Security Profile(with enabled Digit Auth).

DN1: 1001 User1/Password1: 1001/1234

DN2: 1002 User1/Password1: 1002/5678

On MP114 I have configure channels and lines(1001,1002) and Authentication for each FXS. At Proxy&Registration Registration Mode "Per Endpoint".

Only one of two ports register at one time.

Anyone have experience with this question?

As I can see in debug, CUCM check a contact from packet and think that both REGISTER from one device. 

Be ready

Hello Pedja,


I am trying to register MP112 to my CUCM 9.1, but unable to get it register. It would be great help if you provide me the step by step configuration you have followed on the audio codes gateway.




I have an MP-114 registered to a UCM v12.5. The MP-114 is on firmware 6.60A.309.001. This was originally on a CS1000 v 7.5. The Call Manager portion is pretty straight forward with a SIP Third party Device (advanced)

I had to add/modify configuration on the Audiocodes in several locations. Configuration - VoIP - Proxy Set table (UCM IP). The Configuration - VoIP- SIP Definitions - Proxy & Registrations (per Endpoint and Per FXS). The Configuration - VoIP- GW and IP to IP- End Point Phone Number (UCM DN). The Configuration - VoIP- GW and IP to IP- Routing IP to Hunt Group Routing.  The Configuration - VoIP- Analog Gateway - Authentication per port  Testuser/1234.

I was able to use the Status and Diagnostics section System Status Message Log and watch the device register or fail and why. It took some time to register, and had issues with individual ports.

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