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auto attendant frustration


All, part of this implementation Im doing is a couple of auto attendants, something of which I have not done before. Is there a good "easy to understand" document out there that I can follow? I have not found anything that really tells me how to go about doing this. Typically what I find is theory documents, which I have plent of, but no real understanding of how to implement. Anyone have anything that might help, Id appreciate the sharing.


Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

What application are you planning on using for AA? Unity, CRS, other?


Tommer Catlin

AA in 5.x and 6.x is confusing. You actually need to practice to get it right. I consider myself very technical and it took me forever to read between the lines on the CUCM 6 admin guide. Follow the guide and it does work, even though it is confusing.

The biggest concept to grab that is different from 4.x to 6.x, the actually CCUSER name of the attendant is not used anywhere. They are just dummy accounts such as AC1, AC2, AC3, etc. In the background, the application users for AC control all the CTI automatically. (when you configure it this way) It's also linked to (2) Application users in the AC services that must be setup.

Also, dont be afraid to restart the AC services on each CUCM server. The documents says you do not need to, but you do. (at least the last one I did)

Hi guys, thanks for responding. Im trying to use Unity Connection 2.x. I working with TAC on it right now, because it has been really frustrating and I cant seem to get any different results. Not to mention I dont really have any experience with AA. I thought about using CUCM 6 AA, but it sounded like it may be easier just to use Unity Conn instead. So, at this point, working with TAC today, they couldnt figure out why it wasnt working yet. So, will try again tomorrow on it. Maybe just need to take my eyes off it for a while, but Im sure Ill be back on it tonight trying to figure it out. Thanks.

Can you describe what you are trying to do and maybe we can help you.

Such as:

Outside callers dial xxxx

A greeting plays

press 1 for this

Press 2 for that

Press 3 to transfer to operator



Yeah, here is what Im trying to accomplish. On UCM 6.0(1). Call comes in from PSTN on extension 1000. (I dont have external setup yet, Im just staging at the moment, dialing internally the number). I have setup a CTI Route Point with a DN of 1000. On the DN, I have it set to "Forward All" to voice mail. On the same server, Unity Connection 2.x is installed (this is the "business edition". Voicemail does work correctly for users. On UC, I created a "system call handler" with the extension 1000. No matter what settings I set options to (i.e. transfer call to extension, another greeting, etc) it just goes to a voicemailbox every time. Dial 1000 on phone, you get a "Sorry, [my recorded Welcome AA recording], is not available. Record your message at the tone ....". Any ideas, not sure what else to describe to you.

Do not use the system call handler. Just use the regular callhandler. You will need to record a greeting for the callhander then also.

Thanks for calling company xyz

Press 1 for the Operator

Press 2 for Sales

Then setup your Caller Inputs on the CallHandler to point to the Operator (Transfer to an extension) or Play greeting for Sales CallHandler (then start a new menu tree for Sales, Press 1, Press 2, etc)

make sense?

Here are my choices:

System Call Handler

Directory Handler

Interview Handler

I only get the choice to have Caller Inputs with the System Call Handler. I did put the extension on the "operator", which comes automatically with UC. I do get a different result this time. But, that brings the question of Can I have two AA for two different incoming lines?

Yes, you can have to CallHandler for 2 different numbers. There is one more thing you can try. Instead of using a CTI Route Point, create a Translation Pattern where the Called Number is changed to Unity Pilot Point Number and the calling number is 1000. So when Unity see's the Call from 1000, it should send it to the greeting of 1000 (Call Handler) and under Greeting, you might have to change the behaviour for After Greeting Send call to. As what is happening here is Unity plays the greeting and the default for After Play greeting is to send to record Message for the CallHandler, which would be the VM for the CH's owner.

Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

Also try adding forward routing rule which based on the forwarding DN (1000) send the call to appopriate Call Handler.


Hi all. Ive been working with this thing all night and this morning. Im finally making progress with this. I cant really tell you where the problem was, although I certainly would if I could. Either way, I have it somewhat working the way I want it to, I just have to modify and add more to it. This process seems very particular. And for someone like me who has not done an AA before, the documentation really doesnt help me much. Maybe I just need to to read on a 2nd grade level, but either way, Ive got some progress at the moment. Thanks all for the input, I really appreciate it.

Can you tell me how you configure call handler?

Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi John,

Great work here! 5 points for your extreme diligence :) Maybe after a good nights sleep this will all make sense (or not). Anyways, you have made some good headway with this, so take a break if you can and enjoy the holiday season!

Take care,


Thanks for the encouragement there Rob. I just finished the first one, and it appears to work great. Now, I have to do another one for the same system. Ill know how to do this one, especially going through this learning curve that I just went through. Thanks all for the help.

How did you do it I have the same issue.

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