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Basic/Random Question about Work Phone Network

I want to start off by apologizing for this post, I have no idea who or where to ask this question and I'm sure I am in the wrong forum. I don't mean to waste anyone's time, but I called cisco and was referred to ask here. I don't really know much about phones or how everything works, so I have a  very basic question and just want to know if there is a solution.


Im going to try my best to explain this. At my work, we have the Cisco unified IP Phone 8961. I work at a car dealership, so a big way to get leads for potential customers is through the phones. The receptionist transfers a customer who calls in to all associates and it is known as an "all call". In the last year, a sales associate figured out if you held down the middle button in between all the arrows to navigate the phone (the button to select things when scrolling through your phone) it will answer the call immediately. Since then everyone now sits at their desk and holds down the button, hoping for a call. Some phones are much faster than others, by that I mean everyone is holding the button yet certain phones always gets the calls. This is clearly an unfair advantage and I am wondering why this is! Is it because the Ethernet line is faster on some phones then others? Is it the software? I'm just wondering if there is anything I could do to try and "speed up" my phone.


Again, I apologize as this is probably in the complete wrong forum. Please feel free to move it wherever it is supposed to be. I just want some information on why this is the way it is, any info will help. Thank you!

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Re: Basic/Random Question about Work Phone Network


Are you still looking for answer for your question?

If yes? I have pasted your question to this community:


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Re: Basic/Random Question about Work Phone Network

I don't think there's anything you can do here, it's all out of your control.

Yes, there might be differences in the response time across different phone families as they might use a different (faster/recent) CPU, the whole circuitry might provide better performance depending on the HW version/revision, there might be slightly better performance in the network for some phones (and I'm talking here ms or even less), etc.


This is something you really would need to handle with policies within your organization to avoid that behavior and make it fair for everyone.



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