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BAT Issue


An unfortunate mistake happened yesterday when an Engineer added every DN on the CUCM system here to the same Call Pickup Group when using BAT. I have been asked to investigate whether there are any bugs involved as well as the Operator Error.

The Engineer created a Call Pickup Group and wanted to add around 15 DN's to it. He decided to use BAT to do this using the following menu option:

Bulk Administration -> Phones -> Add/Update Lines -> Update Lines

This option allows ten DN's to be updated at a time and the first run of 10 DN's went ok.

However, after the second run of 5 DN's, we discovered that actually every DN on the platform had been added to the Call Pickup Group. In discussion, it turns out that after the last DN was added to the list, he hit the "+" sign to add a new row and had selected the "OR" operation on the previous row (I have recreated what he did with an example pictured below):

As can be seen, on hitting "Find", CUCM has effectively used the blank field as a wildcard and selected every DN on the platform (1104). The same issue doesn't happen if the "AND" operation is used after the second DN entry.

This caused a major issue as you can imagine with every phone getting an Audio/Visual alert when any other phone rang and wasn't answered within 6 seconds. So this raises three questions to me:

  1. Is this the desired effect of the logic - i.e. "OR" then blank on the next line creating a wildcard effect ?
  2. If this isn't the desired effect then is anyone aware of any known Bugs covering the issue and what CUCM platforms it effects and is fixed in?
  3. Why would a system allow this to actually happen without asking the Engineer if they really wanted to change such a large number of / all DN's?

Needless to say a lesson has been learned but management is keen to know if this is actually a Bug.

Many thanks,


p.s. No it wasn't me before anyone asks... :-)


Hi Matt,

Hi Matt,

This is not a bug but the  desired behavior. As you mentioned this happened as "OR" is used instead of "AND".

As per the logic, as per the first filter you have added all DNs starting with 1234567 and with the second DNs beginning with 1234568. And along with that you have selected the third filter which is blank and it includes all DNs. Remember you have added it to the previously filtered numbers and want all these 3 to be included for selection. 

This works as intended. This is same as not using any filters when you want to update all DNs using BAT. 



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