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CISCO 8841

I Purchased a CISCO 8841. I had a really difficult time programming it due to my lack of knowledge of the product and decided to go with another model phone that is working well now. With that Said I am selling my phone for $300. Brand new in the box...

zooman by Beginner
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Answering Calls Issue

I have a department that consists of 16 operators that answers the same DN. Today the department started experiencing an issue with answering incoming calls. When an incoming call would come in the call will appear on all phones. When an operator tri...

Adding NM-HDV2 to 3845 Router

We are currently using a Cisco 3845 router as our voice gateway and would like to add two NM-HDV2 modules each with a VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 module. If we power off the 3845 router, install the two NM-HDV2 modules, and then power the router back on should ...

dtom by Beginner
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Resolved! Show call active voice compact

When I preform  a "Show call active voice compact" the "ORG" call is the called number and the "ANS" is the calling number.  Is this correct?  Should the "ORG" be the calling number and the "ANS" be the receiving number? 361983 ANS     T2     g711ula...

8945 camera causes hang

I have a single 8945 that hangs any time the camera is activated. First symptom was the phone would hang on any internal call (G.722 audio was maintained during the call, but the phone had to be power cycled after the call). It has 9.4(2)SR2 installe...