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We officially swapped over from REDCOM to CUCM on SIPR last night.  All of our phones registered and function as intended except for one, a 8865NR cisco phone.  The other phones that we have are 7942, 1945, and 7965s.  The phone functions normally bu...

We have an ISR/CUBE running and it has been in production for several years, but we it was reported that inbound/outbound calls were failing.  In troubleshooting it appears the SIP service is disabled, and I believe it has something to do with Licens...

joeharb by Contributor
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Hi everyone, Does anyone encounter call routing issue on CME CISCO2911/K9?Need help on our CME were using CISCO2911/K9. We've already setup the local DN and on our IP Phone. All of them are working internally. But when we've try to call outbound and ...

Good evening,We have one user using an 8961 SIP phone (sip8961.9-4-2SR2-2) in a CallManager 8.6.2 system experiencing an off-hook recognition lag. The user in question will be fine for a few days after performing a reset on the device but gradually e...

rsaeks by Beginner
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