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Hello, I'm trying to configure a Call Handler on CUC with menu options when a call it's trasfered to voice mail system, something like this: - Press 1 to call another extension number - Press 2 to leave a message Based on this, I have some issues: - ...

Hi all, I am experiencing an odd problem with my voice gateway behind a my NAT firewall. I have a cisco 2811 as a NAT/Firewall and behind the NAT/Firewall is another cisco 2811 acting as a voice gateway. The NAT/firewall is Cisco IOS Software, 2800 S...

sean6605 by Beginner
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Hello, we're looking to replace a couple VG224s with some bad analog ports with the newer VG310 platform.  I have a couple questions for anyone who has used the VG310 as a replacement for the VG224: 1) when ordering the unit, do you need to also ord...

I am interested to know if anyone else has come across the issue below,We have a group of 8841 UDPs and 7962 UDPs configured with 2 lines.Line 1 =  User DNLine 2 =  Helpdesk DN. When a  call arrives at the Helpdesk DN and a 8841 EM user picks up the ...

kevbo by Contributor
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Hi  I wanted to know how many persons have configured E-SRST and how does it work for them. I am trying to set it up myself but I have encountered an issue after importing the call manager certificates. I am not using DNS but IP to contact the call ...

rramlal by Beginner
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Hello, We have DID's coming into our Cube GW.  We would like to take one of those DID's and forward it back out to our SIP provider for termination.  We dont want to change the calling party number. ex. calling (000-000-0000) called number(111-222-...

We are planning for the "Cisco Click to Call" ...is it necessary that for this we must require Cisco Hardphone...... Actually most of the users in our office are using Cisco IP Communicator....hope this we can use the "Cisco Click to Call" with the ...