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Resolved! Connected Party transformation

Peeps Peeps, got the following issue when calling out a trunk across to NZ. I dial +6412345678 which is directed to another CUCM cluster in NZ, from Australia. However, as soon as it starts ringing the phone's display shows: 1012345678   which is ...

7941G Dialing Delay

I have 7941G phones running SIP 9.2.1 firmware, connecting to a FreeSwitch server. Everything works fine with the phones, except there is a 10 second delay from pressing the dial button on the phone before it actually dials the number. Same issue dia...


Dear All, How does MVA work with MGCP? I am confused with the call flow, can someone put it in a better way, please? A sample configuration will be appreciated.

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Wallpaper 8851

Good day I have one phone 8851 and I upload way Cisco Unified Operating System Administration --> TFTP File Management ---> /Desktops/640x480x24 three files: 1: sonda.png (attach) Full size image - 800 pixels (width) X 480 pixels (height). 2: sonda...