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Fax - Busy Tone

I've got a fax machine (Savin 7025) that's connected to a 2901 GW via FXS port. The device is able to send faxes, but cannot receive. When dialing the number internally or externally I receive a busy tone. GW voice-port has no configuration. Trouble...

Resolved! 8831 on a CUCME

I upgraded a CUCME to 10.5 to allow 8831s to be used on it. I have run into a software problem with the phones, it that as I was doing it remotely I didn't see the label on the botom of the phones listing the minimum software revision so I loaded and...

Connecting our new SX10

Trying to stand-up our new SX10.  Presently we have several endpoints which we do NOT register to our CUCM.  We dial via e.164 alias.  We are running TMS version 13.2.1 which, when added in, sees our endpoint and recognizes it as an SX10.  It will no...

Resolved! UCM - Move publisher?

Hi, we have a UCM 8.6 setup with 1x publisher & 2x subscribers at different sites.We need to move the publisher to another rack at the same site (no config needed) Last time we tried this, we had a devil of a job getting things back to normal which s...

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