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Hi community,the last couple days i'm trying hard to get MVA working.I'm familiar with setting it up but the actual system (CUCM reports back an "404 - File not found" error.To be explicit, i used the following URL:

stschm0012 by Beginner
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Hello, Users are getting fast busy tone when they dial voice mail number. Its fresh installation, I can ping cue module but not able to access cli interface. On access, its keep showing waiting 1000, 1001, 1002 ....1005. I tried reload CUE module and...

  Are SHA-256 certs supported on the Cisco 7925G, we have them using SHA-1 today but need to update as these are being depreciated. The only guide I can find is from July 2015 which says SHA-2 is not supported, is that still the case, we will no long...

Hello,Can you guys please help with an issue I am having. We are currently running CUCM v10.0 single cluster with remote sites. We recently added a new remote site but have been experiencing some difficulties. Apparently when the lines go idle for mo...