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Hi Every Body ,  i have a Cisco CME 10.5 and ip phone 7962 and 7811. On the 7962 the Tranfert call does not Work properly. When I call I can transfer automatically.But when the user to whom I transfer clinched I can not transfer again. Also I'm not...

Hello. Please take a look and let me know if I'm understanding this correctly so I don't configure it incorrectly.  CUCM 10.5. We have a few large offices that act as the hub for many things like voice mail, email, etc.  The CUCM servers are located ...

voip7372 by Enthusiast
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We are having Site A & Site B ... On site A Extns are configured as    912261820XXX     where PRI range 022 61720XXX - 022 61820YYY  is in used On site B Extns are configured as  912233409XXX  where PRI range is 022 33409XXX - 022 33409YYY  Suppose ...

Is there a list of changes made in Call Manager that will disrupt (reset) a sip trunk connection?  I'm adding a device pool, and see "Click on the Reset button to have the changes take effect." and want to make sure I wont disconnet current calls.  S...

neteng2323 by Beginner
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We have some Cisco 8861 phones that are used in bedrooms and other dark areas. The "standby" light (backlit navigation keypad) is incredibly bright, and we've had to resort to putting things over the phones at night. Does anyone know if/how to confi...