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The Teleco provider is sending me 5 digits on the 0/0/1 and 0/1/0 interfaces.  I have other isdn circuits that are sending only 4 digits, I have created a voice translation-rule as follows:rule 1 /^.*\(....\)/ /\1/ This rule strips the first digit of...

Hi, We trying to calculate the time an agent takes to handle a call in two parts - 1. the time taken to talk to a client and solve his/her problem. 2. the time he kept a person on hold and/or he made another outbound call to consult someone about the...

Can anybody tell me how I can monitor the channels on a PRI that is connected to my router? I have looked at RTMT.any it did not really help me. I have heard through the grapevine that SolarWinds if a great monitoring tool and I have looked at that b...

Hi everyone,I pulled the RTMT report from CUCM 7.x , the "Call Activity for the Cluster" report here says Calls Attempted, Calls Completed, does that count bidirectionally or just outgoing calls?   Do they count calls made internally from extension t...

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