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CISCO IP Phone with SIP 7942 , 7962 , 7975 not showing VPN options under Security  , SCCP is fine We use IP SSL to connect to ASA but we cannot get the SIP phone to show the vpn options Any ideas? Checked SIP profile and templates , Common Phone Pr...

chrherr17 by Level 1
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Hi, I have been using this setup succesfully for years running on CUCM 6 but since I installed a fresh CUCM 8.0 copy everything works fine accept making outgoing calls. There is nothing changed on my Cube up to now. Setup: CUCM -> SIP t...

Hello, I have one cluster of CUCM 8.6.2 that is showing this message Licensing Warnings: System is operating on insufficient licenses. Please upload additional license files. The Node License Remaining is -1, because the client add a subscribver with...

Hi All, I'm about to integrate our AD into CUCM for it's directory. Ideally I'd like to do a test run, but encountered many problems when trying to login to a vm clone of CM so I sacked it off. So now I just want to go for it, but am concerned how...

action711 by Level 1
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Dears, I am on unity connection 8.6.2ES145.25900-145 Unrestricted i want to move to 11.X restricted,the direct upgrade after installing a COP RSA v3 will be accepted, or there is no way to upgrade from unrestricted to restricted. when i installed fre...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hello All,Need your help.Call Scenario:Cisco IP Phone --> CUCM --> SIP TRUNK --> Free switchWhen I am making an outbound call from my Cisco phone which is registered with CUCM to a Free switch which is configured as SIP trunk,I am getting 488 not acc...

S N by Level 1
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Hi, Looking for some help with running an SQL command to count the number of trunks. This will return the count of most of the trunks: run sql select count(tm.name) as Total from device as d inner join typemodel as tm on d.tkmodel = tm.enum where tm....

Hi, CUCM version is 9.1.2 Voice gateway 2951 with IOS 15.2(4)M4 There is a SIP trunk between voice gateway and SIP provider.There is a SIP trunk between  voice gateway and CUCM. Outgoing / Incoming calls to/from  PSTN via SIP trunk are completed Ok. ...