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Cisco ATA 190

This has got to be one of the most frustrating Cisco products ever made.  I simply want to configure this device with an online SIP provider and plug in my existing analog phones. I don't have a call manager or anything else so I am unable to upgrade...

CUCM admin training

We are deploying CUCM (forced to) in order to transition over our current Movi/Jabber users (no IM, no phone). We have no VoIP or any other Cisco solution except for Video, neither do we envisage one. Is there a video specific CUCM training? Or are w...

nairrahul by Beginner
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NTP question

Hi,Hard Phones are showing incorrect time - ahead by 30mins. Checking CUCM servers shows that DTG setting is correct (GMT+8). NTP is configured in CUCM and is polling time from our VOIP Gateway. Now, VOIP router clock is incorrect although NTP server...

Contacts from AD

The Active Directory “contact” records have telephone numbers and they can have any phone number local or long distance. Right now, my Call Manager system is configured to use LDAP and it will pull in the Active Directory “user” accounts and list the...

edhodges2 by Beginner
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