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Resolved! MoH issue without transcoder

Friends, I am facing issue with MoH using G.729 codec. Following is the simple installation scenario; Two sites are there viz HQ and B1.MoH server (CUCM), Transcoder (2811), couple of phones are in HQ Region and few phones are in B1 Region.Region bet...

voiphub01 by Beginner
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Resolved! 7800 cable lock

Hi,I keep trying to find the truth.In the Cisco admin guide for 78xx phone series, page 59 it says:"The lock connects to the antitheft securityconnector on the back of the phone and the cable can be secured to a desktop"But while I can clearly see it...

3rd Party SIP Devices

All of a sudden all of my 3rd party sip devices will not make external calls or recieve external calls. The call actually connects and goes through but there is no audio on either side just dead air. I have two cordless phones 3rd party sip and I als...

Resolved! 8831 Factory Reset

Hello all,I have a Problem with a 8831 conference phone. We got a new Batch of phones with a new Firmware on it (sip8831.10-3-1-16). I configured one with our Standard Profile, which, among others, disables the Settings Access. This is because of sec...

Touch 12 POE

According to the install guide the Touch 12 requires a POE adapter when used with the older CTS type codecs. Can anyone explain this as the phone port on the codec supplies POE?

jevans by Beginner
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PLAR connection on an SRST

I have a question. I have limited VOIP training and mainly do network design and installs but have to configure some of the VOIP equipment. If our SRST 29xx routers are in normal mode (not SRST mode) and someone calls inbound on one of the numbers I ...

gp1200x by Explorer
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Controller E1 down

Bonjour,J'ai ce bug pour activer ma carte E1 et continuer les test sur la SDAE1 0/0/0 is down.  Applique type is Channelized E1 - balanced  Transmitter is sending TS16 LOMF Alarm.  Receiver has loss of multi-frame in TS16.  alarm-trigger is not set  ...