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Resolved! Os Admin Reset Of Subscriber

Guys, I have a Jabber cluster,  I can access my Publisher in Admin & OSAdmin,  but I can't access anymore the OS Admin of the Subscriber,  I don't know why but I have an error with the credentials. I can't remember if the OS Admin password on jaber s...


Hi, Just wondering if anyone is able to test the following behavior for me - which comes first, AAR or CFUR? For example, if I set the location of a remote site to have a bandwidth setting of 1 kbps, however a phone in that device pool is unregistere...

mattiep00 by Beginner
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Resolved! Unity Connection 8.6 to 10.5(2) Upgrade

I am planning the following upgrade which I have completed fine in our lab , I just have a query in regard to this statement I found in the upgrade guide.If you are upgrading from Unity Connection 8.6 or earlier, you must install all the applicable l...

m.batts by Enthusiast
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ISDN Transfers

When transferring  ISDN calls are all PABX systems involved with the call? Public Caller > Public Caller Carrier > Company A Carrier > Company A PABX > (Call transferred to company B) > Company A Carrier > Company BCarrier > Company B PBX connected c...

Generate phone directory

Is there a way to generate a report out of CUCM 10.5.1 to include the users first and last name and their 7 digit phone number?  The first and last names are in the caller ID fields and I can easily get the last 4 digits, but I need to create a print...

CUBE License

Hello, I am thinking about migrating from PRI to SIP trunk in the future. I have a 2921router IOS ver 15.(3)M3 with uck9 feature license installed that I would like to use as CUBE. Can someone tell me what license or feature do I need?Thanks, Khanal