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Hello.We are attempting to get our 7821 phones to authenticate with a Windows 2012 NPS radius server using EAP-TLS. CUCM (v9.1) is running in mixed mode, our test phone has a LSC certificate.   Unfortunately nothing we seem to try is working.   We ha...

Hello,We are having ISM-SRE-300K (CUE Module). Now, whenever the router gets reboot. (due to power interruption or etc). we have to boot the ISM module manually. Bootloader > diskWhat is the solution. so that the ISM module boots automatically once t...

Resolved! CUCM LAB

Hi, I am tying to setup up a CUCM 8.6 lab using VMware and Gns3. For where i can get gn3 c3700 ios with voip functionalities?I have a 3700 ios but it not supporting voip and also not showing voip modules to add. Please help me. Thanks,Mohit 

 is this: we have a VOIP architechture with CUCM 8.5 with 100 telephones that operate their model is: 7942,7962,7975.We have 135 additional posts that we want to integrate our solution. These phones have the modelDX650-K9 (5)7821-K9 (50)7906G (50)797...

divine007 by Level 1
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Hello, In my organisation, we use Cisco IP Phone 7945, 7975,7962,9971 models. Intermittently few of the IP Phone irrespective to the model their call logs ( Missed calls, Receive calls , Place calls, Cooperated Directory  ) gets disappear or becomes ...