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I am currently using cucm 6 (don't laugh, 3 years and budget keeps getting rejected) and we have a user who will be working from home.  Is there a way to get a phone in his home on his internet connection and connect to our cucm server in the office....

HiI faced issue in Redial No, if i dial No. manually it working fine just when redial it show to me following issue:--when anyone call company, show land line No , but when redial it take only first 4 digit, not complete No.-when anyone call company ...

Toss Leey by Level 1
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hello dears.first of all thanks for your helps and cooperation..I have 13 building each one has 2 ip phone and 2 ip camera and the buildings are beside each other. how can i connect them, what cabling topology is better and what switch type i can use...

Hi, When calling from 7821 SIP phone PSTN number (9[23]XXXXXX) turns into 9 in phone display.When calling from 6961 SCCP phone registered to the same CME 9[23]XXXXXX turns into [23]XXXXXX, i.e. 9 is stripped after translation.How do I prevent PSTN nu...

Hi all i have a bunch of CP-3905 registered on a CME 10. these phones randomly appear to stop working, i mean: SIP signaling seems to work correctly (the phones ring if called and it is possibile to make calls..) but there's no audio either way.... i...

m.scafidi by Level 1
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Upon running "show sip-ua calls", I am getting two set of results.What is the difference between UAC call info and UAS call info? What type of calls are displayed under "UAC" section and and what types of calls are displayed under to "UAS" section? T...