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Cisco 2811 with CUE

Dear All, I have cisco voice router 2811. I need to install and configure AIM-CUE module for it.Please guide me what steps I should flow to bring CUE in up and running state and to be accessible through GUI.I will be very thankful for your support.Re...

tiger_401 by Beginner
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Resolved! Three Phones hear the call

Hi Expert, In my project I have guest room in hotel, and I have in this room Three Cisco IP phones and I need when some one call from outside, I will be able to hear the calling in three phones, if the guest want to switch from one phone to another t...

Resolved! SIP Provider outbound calls fail until an inbound call comes in? Possible Timer issue?

We have a SIP trunk setup to MTS Allstream in Canada. Outbound calls will fail /w a fast busy unless an inbound call is made to a DID. After the first inbound call is made outbound calling will work for a while and then go back to fast busy. It seems...

Voice gateway Config issue

Hello everyone;I do have an analog line that i want to affect to (04) four IP Phones, so that any one of these four ip phones users can use this same analog line, and when we call that analog line number, any one of these four ip phone users can answ...

Camélia by Beginner
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Resolved! CUP 9.1 AXL user

Dears,During post installtion i gave admin username and password for AXL user, now I want to change a AXL username in CUP, when i try to change through the Systems>CUCM Publisher It gives me the error "Error: [4092] Failed to verify if the CUCM and I...

Resolved! Clearing the BIOS

I have a number of MCS-7825-H3 servers I need to clear the bios on. They have a BIOS password set and although I know the password current password I need to clear it. I have been told the only way to clear the password is to clear the BIOS via the d...

jack.reed by Beginner
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Dear All, I'm going to implement SRST for remote site on 2921 router.Need to help on separate PVDM3-32 installationSRST license installation (FL-CME-SRST-25)I hope configuration on router side should be -call-manager-fallbackip source-address X.X.X.X...

Cisco FoIP Solutions

Hello Experts,Currently, I'm using T.37 OnRamp Faxing but wondering if there are other (better) solutions that Cisco provides that is simple enough to configure and wouldn't cost our non-profit organization an arm and a leg. We are currently using th...