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Hello - I'm trying to pull some metrics on how much activity we have over the WAN between one of our branches and CUCM for voice traffic.  All PSTN traffic routes out/in at the local branch PSTN GW.  I'm trying to pull all the on net and voice messag...

Ed Kender by Beginner
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I need your help.  I have been having issues with CUCM 8.6.2. When I calls out it rings until the person answers, then it give me a busy signal.  When someone calls from the outside, I pickup and nothing happens.  At the same time they will get a bus...

tony000031 by Beginner
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Hi, I have following secnario   Inboud call    PBX----E1-QSIG---->2811-MGCP-GW--->CUCM---->SCCP IP PHone CFALL---->2811-H323.GW-----E1----->PSTNThe problem is when i have call forward all configured on cisco ip phone  to Mobile phones and inboud call...

etmarcof by Participant
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Hi team,I have reviewed lots of posts on this community regarding ITL, CTL, LSC, MIC, PKI. However I still have lots of confusions not cleared.Q1: we already have MIC by default, why we still need LSC- Reason #1, more secure ? I do not think so. MIC ...

Yan Tian by Beginner
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hi, the CVP publisher crashed and all the IP phones are now on CVP subscriber. the CVP publisher platform has been brought up but the phones are still pointing to the CVP sub even after pointing to the new CVP pub platform.how can this issue be corre...

Hello, Issue: 7961s fail to upgrade to new firmware.  Background: We have a 7961 that is registered to a remote call manager (VPN) and works without issue. We have an onsite call manager that we want to have the phone register with for time zones, et...

hi i want degrade my 7945 firware from 9 to 8.5.4 so i config a DHCP ,the option 150 to my computer,and my computer open a TFTP32 for TFTP server. but the Phone can't degrade,it just down a term45.default.loads then stop . i reset use 3491672850*# bu...

bo liu by Enthusiast
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