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Calling ALL CME experts ;-)I installed a new 887 and got one IP phone to work. Unfortunately my old config does not seem to work for CIPC, I have the latest version of it. It registers but I do not get an extension number. Here is the output of show ...

mar001 by Beginner
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I see issues where whenever I try to reach extensions configured on my Client's Cisco USC320W (example dialing extension 118 always forwards to extension 111 & Dialing 117 goes also to extension 111). If I set the DTMF type to INBAND on my IP phone (...

Hi,We are want to deploy a CME and we want to have an automatic response with options when someone call to our central. For example when someone call a automatic voice response tell the options: "Press 1 for.... Press 2 for...." I want to know how to...

I make test calls with the phone plugged into the port, but there is no dial tone.You call the port it rings and answers, but when you connect a fax it is getting a dial tone error.The other 3 ports are not configured but they can make outbound faxes...

Hii, I have 2 UCS with 1 PUB and 1 SUB and I want to put a second LAN connection to the physical server in order to have redundancy If the first LAN port is down. Any ideas about how to finis this setup or some information/how to about the config.Pls...

gabiulici by Beginner
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