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I have a Cisco 2911 router that needs to do T1 PRI with 32 voice DSPs.I think I need UC license and VWIC3-1MFT-T1/E1=. I don't see any onboard DSP in "show inv" or "show diag" so is it correct I need to purchase a PVDM2-32? Should this be installed o...

Resolved! Call Masking

HiI have a setup in which callers dial a help desk number 2XXX and get the option to press 1 or 8. 1 transfers the caller to an ext 3xxxx and 8 to ext 4xxxx and that works fine.  However when the choice has been made and Unity Connection(8.5) transfe...

Dear, I have a few questions about this system, we would like to activate monitoring on a Call Manager Cluster (version 9 but going on 10).I was wondering if the smart call system was a good system to do this, at first glance in servicability i don't...

I don't know who came up with this bright idea of having 'Service Interruption' message on 6921 phone while SRST mode!!! For a normal user, it means phone is NOT working!!! Does anyone knows work around with this issue? Can we display any other messa...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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Hello, We have a converged circuit setup with our ISP. We are using SIP trunking, but they are handing off the voice to us as a PRI. We were doing some HA testing and noticed that CUCM was still sending outbound calls to the H323 Gateway where we pul...

Hi, I'm testing DRS incase of future failure. Current:1xPUB 10.x2xSUB2xIM&P I have copied the virtual machine of Publisher only from one UCS to UCS test environment.So far everything is working fine, the license are still installed.once I try to use ...

Hello, Our customer is looking forward to secure all RTP traffic for Unified CM 10.5. What I understand is that in order to make SRTP you have to download CTL client and connect a USB that comes from cisco to do the encryption and then attached it to...

asherif82 by Beginner
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